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Why read eMontana?

    • We publish exclusive articles about climbing and adventure
    • We believe in writing from positive point of view
    • We credit all photos
    • We share the values of Montana printed magazine (est. 1966), but we are unique and not it’s digital copy


    1. We believe fellow climbers. “Did you clim your first 8A and do not have a video? Congratulations!”
    2. In traditional sandstone areas we do not use chalk and we climb only dry rocks
    3. We believe in environmental responsability and only engage in clean climbing to preserve crags for future generations
    4. We respect other climbers at a crag. For example, we do not step on their rope


  • We think that less is sometimes more. We produce real content, not just more clickbait articles
  • We are interested also in everyday stories. Everyone is unique
  • At eMontana we know that you cannot “conquer a mountain”, you can only “ascend it”


„You cannot find our content anywhere else. We specialize in articles about bold sandstone climbing.”

Kdy máme otevřeno?

When do we open?


Standa “Sany” Mitac

Editor in chief

“Climbing is not about the grades and life is not about the money.”
He loves to write about inspiring people.
Addicted to situations when he does not care about the time – in the mountains or sandstone crags.

Jacob Freiwald


Professional video editor, cameraman and occasional photographer.
He was shooting in China, Argentina, Indonesia or India. His next destination is New Zealand.
Motto: „When there is a will, there’s a way.“



A migratory bird born in southern Oregon. Tanager organizes her life around dancing vertically on rock. She has a talent for finding silver linings, feeling limitless, laughter, microcrimps, and language.
Visit her website.

“Alesak” Prochazka


Loves the pulse of metropolis. Amazed by technical progress… Watches the latest fashion. Never misses any cultural event or social intercourse. Reads newspaper daily, follows financial market. (smiling)

Simca Ulmonova


Climber and occasional author. Her mood gets better with climbed meters, when she throws away stereotypes of normal days and runs away from reality. “Climbing is colorful and has many different aspects,” she says.

Matej Pohorsky


Climber, hedonist, enthusiast in observing people’s endeavor. Climbing is a liberating way of pushing his limits. He’s interested in stories of people who push their life to the limits. He’s afraid of heights and he’s never on time.

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